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Stellar Insurance Service
2005 Main St
Edam, SK S0M 0V0
Phone: (306) 397-2361
Cell: (306) 481-3561
Fax: (306) 397-2546

We can look after ALL of your insurance needs

Auto insurance inspection


If you have a vehicle in Saskatchewan, you need insurance. But having an insurance policy doesn’t necessarily mean you have the right coverage. Car insurance premiums vary widely based on how long you’ve been driving, what you drive, where you typically drive, what you use your car for, and your driving history. You can often pair your car insurance with home insurance at the same insurer to lower your premium.

There are two main types of car insurance that you are required to have, no matter which province you live in: liability insurance and accident benefits. Call us today or stop by Stellar Insurance to ensure you have the proper coverage you need.

Home owners insurance


To qualify for a mortgage, home buyers are required to have home insurance. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is letting that insurance lapse and then facing an unexpected natural disaster, in most cases a fire or break-in. Home insurance is vital to protecting your home and all of the valuables within it from damage or theft. There is a lot to know about what types of things home insurance covers. For example, are fences covered by home insurance? Well, it depends on the policy you choose.

Call us today or stop by Stellar Insurance and let us help you determine the best home insurance policy for you.

Farming insurance


We understand that owning a farm comes with a lot of personal assets and that farm insurance should be tailored to fit different farm operations and budgets. We can find you the right insurance when it comes to assets such as farm machinery, equipment, and your home.

Contact us today to find out what type of farm insurance would be best suitable for you.

Commercial insurance


You’ve worked hard to build your business, but without the right insurance, your business is left vulnerable to risk. With the right business insurance, you’re left with peace of mind knowing that you’re protected from liability and that your business is covered. We have the resources to take a thorough, thoughtful, and tailored approach to your individual situation.

No matter the size or industry you’re in, whether it’s financial or legal services, a doctor or engineer, or run a small business, talk to one of our brokers about what you need to protect your business from the unexpected.

Livestock insurance


Farms, ranches and other businesses that raise or house livestock may lose money if the animals are injured or die due to accidents or disease. They can protect themselves against the loss of valuable animals by purchasing livestock insurance. This insurance is typically used to cover domesticated animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses.

There are several types of livestock insurance. The kind of coverage an individual or business needs depends on the varieties of animals it owns and the purpose they serve.

We can help you determine the best livestock insurance that’s best for you or your business.

Crop hail insurance


Crop-hail insurance is a type of private insurance that provides coverage for agricultural products destroyed or damaged by hail. It protects the livelihood of farmers who are often at the mercy of sudden weather events. In the southern prairies, hailstorms are common and occur mostly from May to October. 

With the unpredictability of mother nature, we can help determine a crop-hail policy that protects your agricultural products.

Health and Travel insurance

Health & Travel

Surprisingly, many medical costs aren’t covered when you travel, and even when they are, you’re required to pay upfront. If you have insurance, insurance will pay. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll have to foot the bill. Even the smallest of accidents can present the biggest bills, depending on where you are and for how long.

Some credit card companies include travel insurance but it’s important to make sure you know exactly what kind of coverage you have before you leave the country.

We can help you determine what type of travel insurance you have and extra insurance you may need so you can sit back and fully relax during your travels.

Life benefits insurance


The second you start a family, you should consider getting life insurance. And not just when or if you have kids. You want to protect you and your spouse should something happen to either one of you in the unfortunate event of a tragedy.

We want to ensure that you won’t face the ongoing cost of living without the benefit of the income the other spouse provided. Let us help set you up with the best life insurance suitable for your situation.